Pilot Premiere

After 9 months of hard work and incredible community support, we have finally shared our creative baby, Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse, with the world!

Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse is a children’s show that inspires families to go on adventures together, amplifying values of nature, wellness, and creativity.  When our children are properly educated our entire society thrives.  Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse brings wholesome, educational, and entertaining programming for the whole family.

June 16th 2017 was the world premier of the very first Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse episode.  We were honored to partner with the Alamo Drafthouse for the premiere, and their brand new Barrel of Fun venue was the perfect place for the occasion.

The public screening was packed, and the show was well-received by all ages!  In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by how much the adults in the audience were laughing along with the show! It’s always been our goal to create a program that can be shared by the whole family, and it felt so good to see so many kids and parents enjoying it together.

Our studio, CIRCUS PICNIC, specializes in both video and event productions, so of course we had to premiere our new kids show in true CIRCUS PICNIC style. There was live interactive stage entertainment, face painting, caricature art, and a meet-and-greet with the costumed cast. 

Perhaps best moment was when a family stumbled upon our screening, having already purchased tickets to the Cars 3 movie. After getting immersed in the world of the Treehouse Tribe, the kids absolutely refused to leave, and the family opted to stay and watch the whole show instead of their blockbuster movie.  WOW!  

It was unbelievably rewarding to share our hard work with our community. More than 75 cast and crew members came together to make this episode happen, and we raised $35,000 from our community to bring it all to life. In addition to the standing room only public event, we held a private screening for our amazing Kickstarter backers, and closed the day out with a viewing and celebration for the cast & crew.

So what’s next for the show?  Now that the pilot episode is ready, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and find this show a home!  Over the next few months, we will be shopping our vision for conscious children’s programming around to major networks, distributors, and sponsors.  We are looking for partners who believe in the power of conscious programming as much as we do.  Do you have any connections that might be interested in the show?  Let us know!

Soon, we'll be sending out the full pilot episode to our Kickstarter backers and to the followers of our Mr. Greenheart newsletter.  We’ll also be arranging some test screenings and maybe even some more live events if you keep asking for them.  If you would like to see the full episode and stay up to date with the show, please subscribe here!