A kid's TV show pilot that inspires families to go on adventures together. Amplifying values of nature, play, wellness, & creativity.


Research suggests there is a lack of conscious programming that parents can trust. There is an increasing number of distribution channels, but a lack of quality options. We need quality programming now more than ever.

The realistic solution is not NO TV, but BETTER TV.

The ideal is television which brings you and your child closer together. I believe we have a responsibility to feed our families nourishing media that helps us all grow and thrive together. That's why we're creating Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse. Your support helps fuel this project, creating a better future for us all.

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Support us in bringing messages of hope, inspiration, creativity and conscious living into the homes of millions of families. Join our movement to encourage playful adventures and a reverence for nature.

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The Show

Mr. Greenheart lives in a magical treehouse village with a tribe of colorful characters. Each episode tells a story of life in the treehouse and just beyond, with Mr. Greenheart helping to solve a local problem by drawing insight from a field trip adventure somewhere in the world.

Segments follow a daily routine that viewers can come to expect: waking up, swinging down the tarzan swing to the garden, meeting a new friend, going on an adventure in the outside world, and finally finishing with a story or song by the campfire with a special guest. The treehouse, and the Cirque-Du Soleil Style characters that inhabit it, share lessons that address the hard parts of growing up.

Every episode will offer your family actionable ideas to spend more time doing interesting things that awaken your curiosity and bring you closer together.

Ultimately, Mr. Greenheart is a guide for growing up. Just like that fun Uncle who brings learning, laughter, and love into the home with every visit, Mr. Greenheart will ignite your imagination and win your heart. With gleaming eyes under a tilted top hat, he invites your family to tag along as he turns problems into adventures and transforms everyday life into an exciting game! Mr. Greenheart lives in harmony with nature, and listens to the wisdom of the colorful creatures of the forest, including the tree that supports the treehouse.

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Pilot Episode: “The Rules of the Treehouse”

We just finished shooting the pilot episode and are so excited to share it with you!  In this debut episode, you are invited into a magical treehouse world, and introduced to a lively ensemble of characters, all with seemingly competing needs. After discovering that the treehouse needs rules to create peace, Mr. Greenheart gets overwhelmed by a list of contradictory rule requests. Meanwhile, the Circus Performers are at odds with the farmers in the garden, and conflict is rising. With a little help from his friends, Mr. Greenheart inspires a spirit of collaboration that results in a spectacular resolution: what if the circus performers use their acrobatic skills to help the farmers with their work?! Together the Treehouse Tribe learns how to “get work done, and still have fun.” And in the end, they come to an agreement to live by a shared set of values, or “roots,” that prove stronger than any list of rules. Through this hilarious and adventurous episode, your family will learn the power of compromise, get some tips on how to communicate our needs effectively, and discover the benefits of living in a diverse community.

Our Audience

So who is Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse for? We designed the show to speak most directly to K-5 kids. It’s bright and Colorful without being too over-the-top. It’s chalk full of clever humor to engage the older kids, and enough shenanigans to get the little ones laughing along.

That said, we believe that the real magic of the show lies in how it will connect with you, the adult kids (aka Kid-dults!). Sure, we want you to feel safe dedicating your child’s personal screen time to Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse, but we’ve also built the show to be just as entertaining for the parents. That way, the family has a show you can all enjoy together!

The tone of the show has a nostalgic quality reminiscent of the stuff we all grew up on: The Goonies, Hook, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood--borrowing from the best parts of these classic programs. The humor is optimistic, clever, and playful, drawing from Jim Carrey films from the 90s.

Many of our characters are adults with extraordinary talents who will inspire all of you adult viewers to keep learning and growing along with their children. Have you been wanting to build a treehouse or obstacle course in your backyard? Our plans for episodes and supplementary content will provide you with resourceful ways to do that, too.

What you’ll find here is a refuge from the negative attitude and sarcastic humor that has dominated our mainstream media for the past decade. We are making a show that will inspire you to improve yourself and elevate those around you, while staying strong in the face of the difficult situations that are sure to come.

We interviewed dozens of parents, and listened to what you hate about the cutesy, mind-numbing shows your kids play on repeat--trust us, we’re well aware of how annoying that can be! We are confident that our show’s cinematic quality and depth of narrative will set it heads and shoulders above the rest.

Supplemental Content

One of the unique aspects of our show is how it will facilitate interactive learning experiences outside of the episode. Each episode is paired with supplemental content for your family to explore.  Here you'll find educational material on topics introduced in the show (i.e. animals, cultures, outdoor skills), creative emotional & social development lessons, and behind the scenes insights into how the show is made. A major goal here is to provide your family with engaging activities that you can take into the real world!